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Really cool! Great job!!!

(full screen mode would be great!)


I took a long break from this project, but recently picked it back up. Full screen and much more should be coming (as soon as I find the time to work on it). Thanks for playing!


Great little game! Thumbs Up!  :)

Really good fun! Hope you continue with it

Please update game for running in full screen

Dear Halfcut,

I need to talk to you about something pertaining the game. It's not about gameplay or whatnot, but the game as a whole. If you would be so kind, message me on Twitter @night_m_fright (or email me at if that works better for you) so I can discuss some things pertaining your game and a game I am/was working on (I put was there because I may have to change a few things).


Night M. Fright

I really enjoyed how you used the traditional-platform-problem-solving-level system and added robots! It's fantastic.

You'll be happy to know that robots are no longer waterproof <3


Second speed run, awesome game congratulations.


Nice game overall! The music is awesome, and the sound effects are juicy. 

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This is a really random comment, but I just really want to know how you do this. How did you create a GIF of your game and then edit it to add a title to the GIF. Cause I have little experience with editing software. And btw, awesome game. :D


My firs speed run


Charming visuals, nice sound, solid gameplay, and most importantly... the weapons feel pretty good! When the difficulty starts to ramp up the game ends, but I think it has a good length for a jam. This is a great entry, nice work!


Very nice! Good graphics, fine sound, very playable gameplay! Starts off easy, but it gets difficult. I have to admit I can't make it past the part just after the console that says "You're getting pretty good at this". (Ha, ha ha...) I feel like the plant/fruit thing is a little tacked on, in terms of motivations...still, the "greening" animation is very satisfying.

Originally, the fruit was going to play a much larger role, game play wise. Didn't have enough time to implement my ideas unfortunately. But  I can see where you're coming from. Thanks for the feedback!

Believe me, I know about not having time to implement features!

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Pretty cool, could see it being a great full fledged game.

It'd be neat if restoring the plants had an effect on gameplay. Such as... it makes vines that you can climb, or it opens up a secret area, stuff like that.

I love this idea! I'll keep this in mind when I add more content in the future. Thanks for playing!

Hey! I've been playing around with your idea, and prototyped some growable platforms. Check it out here!

so is it going aka when can I buy it ;)