WASD to move

W or SPACE to jump and wall jump

E to interact

MOUSE to aim and shoot

This game was made in two weeks for the 2017 "A Game by it's Cover" Jam. Inspired by @heyshilly's Famicase, Galaxy Garden is a platformer/shooter in which the player must travel from planet to planet, fighting robots and restoring the galaxy's plant life.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see:

  • new weapons
  • new enemies
  • new levels
  • improved sound
  • improved music

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More information

Published 80 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Shooter


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Dear Halfcut,

I need to talk to you about something pertaining the game. It's not about gameplay or whatnot, but the game as a whole. If you would be so kind, message me on Twitter @night_m_fright (or email me at nightfright0626@gmail.com if that works better for you) so I can discuss some things pertaining your game and a game I am/was working on (I put was there because I may have to change a few things).


Night M. Fright

I really enjoyed how you used the traditional-platform-problem-solving-level system and added robots! It's fantastic.

You'll be happy to know that robots are no longer waterproof <3


Second speed run, awesome game congratulations.


Nice game overall! The music is awesome, and the sound effects are juicy. 

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This is a really random comment, but I just really want to know how you do this. How did you create a GIF of your game and then edit it to add a title to the GIF. Cause I have little experience with editing software. And btw, awesome game. :D


My firs speed run


Charming visuals, nice sound, solid gameplay, and most importantly... the weapons feel pretty good! When the difficulty starts to ramp up the game ends, but I think it has a good length for a jam. This is a great entry, nice work!


Very nice! Good graphics, fine sound, very playable gameplay! Starts off easy, but it gets difficult. I have to admit I can't make it past the part just after the console that says "You're getting pretty good at this". (Ha, ha ha...) I feel like the plant/fruit thing is a little tacked on, in terms of motivations...still, the "greening" animation is very satisfying.

Originally, the fruit was going to play a much larger role, game play wise. Didn't have enough time to implement my ideas unfortunately. But  I can see where you're coming from. Thanks for the feedback!

Believe me, I know about not having time to implement features!

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Pretty cool, could see it being a great full fledged game.

It'd be neat if restoring the plants had an effect on gameplay. Such as... it makes vines that you can climb, or it opens up a secret area, stuff like that.

I love this idea! I'll keep this in mind when I add more content in the future. Thanks for playing!

Hey! I've been playing around with your idea, and prototyped some growable platforms. Check it out here!